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Wordpress is the most widely used CMS for creating websites and blogs. One of the best features of Wordpress is its flexibility and the many themes and plugins to extend website functionality. No other CMS allows you to achieve as much by simply activating a plugin. From caching to advertising and security, Wordpress offers plugins for every functionality you want to add to your Wordpress blog/website.

A large number of Wordpress websites and blogs depend on advertising as their sole source of income. Apart from Adsense, there are other advertising options also for websites including affiliate ads, direct ads and so on. However, managing advertising on your wordpress blog will be difficult without using an advertising plugin. There are some highly popular, well coded and effective advertising plugins that bloggers can use to lay ads on their websites including ads for desktop and mobile screens. These advertising plugins make it easier to lay ads throughout the website including in locations where inserting ad codes manually might be difficult for users such as header, footer and inside the content.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best advertising plugins that can help you lay ads on your blog in all the suitable locations and are very easy to set. This list includes free and premium plugins (plugins in both free and pro versions.)

Best Advertising Management Plugins for Your Wordpress Blog

Ad inserter

With more than 300,000 active installations, Ad Inserter is the most popular Wordpress advertising plugin. Ad inserter is a versatile advertising plugin for Wordpress that allows you to insert advertisements on your posts and pages in a simple and convenient manner.

The free version allows you sixteen code blocks which is more than sufficient for most blogs since blog posts generally do not include more than 4-5 blocks and you use one ad block on repeat locations using this plugin. You can also add the adsense header code into your wordpress site using this plugin and create a virtual ads.txt file. Ad Inserter is a feature rich plugin allowing you to insert ads in several locations like header, before and after post, before and after as well as inside content and between the paragraphs or headings. While there are fifteen such locations available with the plugin to insert ads, you can also insert ad codes after or before specific html elements in your page using this plugin.

Here are the main features available in the free version of this plugin. The pro version starts from 20 Euros per year and can be used on two sites.

Main features of Ad Inserter:

  • Sixteen blocks to add different ad codes
  • 15 ready locations to insert ads inside posts, pages, and archives.
  • Free virtual ads.txt manager
  • Insertion between paragraphs
  • Device based targeting (ability to select if an ad should be shown on desktop or mobile devices or both)
  • Code syntax highlighter
  • Special settings for applying adsense ads.
  • Ability to set ad alignment (left, right, center) and custom css
  • Short code and php functions supported
  • Type of pages on which to apply an ad (such as posts, pages, archives, search, 404 pages).
  • Post length settings to select how long a post need to be to show a particular ad
  • Support for caching

The list is much larger and all the features of Ad Inserter can be included only in a very detailed review. Ad Inserter is convenient to use and most features do not require any technical knowledge. You can easily rotate ads and there is also support for showing an ad blocker message to users. These features make Ad Inserter highly suitable for both the small and large websites. The pro version includes more advanced features including support for sticky ads and several more code blocks. Ad Inserter is also recommended by Amazon.

Advanced Ads

Advanced ads in another highly popular advertising management plugin for applying adverts in a Wordpress blog. It is also a feature rich plugin that offers an all in one ad management solution for your Wordpress blog. While the free version includes a nice number of features, some of the features can be accessed only using the pro version.

Advanced ads is also easy and simple to use and you can apply ads using this plugin in all the necessary locations including around specific html elements in the page. The plugin allows you to insert ads into your post at regular intervals and after or before specific paragraphs as well as in other locations like header, footer and sidebar.

With the pro version, bloggers get advanced targeting features and an all in one solution that can be highly suitable for ad management on larger websites needing geo targeting and other advanced features.

You get unlimited blocks to insert advertisement code in all the desired locations on posts, pages and archives. This plugin has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. It is also known to have a minimal impact on loading speed. Some of the advanced functionalities of this plugin can only be achieved through the premium add ons.

Advanced Ads Plugin Features:

  • Insert ads anywhere in your website
  • Special add on for genesis themes
  • Ad codes from any network including Adsense or other affiliate networks
  • Variety of positions to insert ads
  • Sticky, popup or background ads available with premium add ons
  • Create ad blocks and apply using shortcodes.

Ads by WP Quads

Ads by WP quads is another highly popular advertising plugin for Wordpress. It has a 4.9 out of 5 rating from 1,080 reviews in the Wordpress plugin repository. It is a popular option because the plugin has been designed keeping the needs of Wordpress site owners in mind. It has been designed keeping in mind speed and performance of a Wordpress site. It is a feature rich plugin that allows you to insert ads wherever you want in your posts/pages with 12 predefined ad positions allowing you to control where the ad will appear on a page.

The plugin settings are straightforward and convenient to use. It provides support for 8 ad vendors including Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, Outbrain, Taboola and others. It also provides you 9 targeting options that will help you manage where and when an ad will appear. The plugin also includes support for ads.txt and Adsense code lazy loading. The pro version of this plugin includes extra features like Geo targeting, Ad rotation, reports and tracking and more options.

Ads by WPQuads Features:

  • Display unlimited ads
  • Support for ads.txt
  • 12 predefined positions for laying ads on your website
  • Easy to use and supports Adsense ads
  • Lazy loading for Adsense
  • Extra features like Ad Rotation and geo targeting available in the pro version.
  • Supports leading caching plugins like WP Rocket and W3TC

Ad Rotate:

Ad Rotate is another useful plugin you can use to display ads on your Wordpress blog. You can lay just any kind of ad on your Wordpress blog/website with the help of Ad Rotate. One can add just any type of ad code including Adsense ad code, Amazon ads or media.net and self created ad codes with the help of Ad Rotate. There is no limit on how many ads you display using this plugin. The plugin has been for a long time on the Wordpress repository and is rated 4.3 out of 5.

Currently, the plugin has more than 30,000 active installations. However, there are certain features that are available only with the pro version. AdRotate Pro allows for geotargeting and device selection for displaying ads. The plugin has a simple to understand user interface from which you can easily add the ad code and start displaying ads on your website.

Ad Rotate also offers two blocks to use with the Wordpress block editor including Ad Rotate Advert and Ad Rotate Group. These blocks can be used to insert ads in specific positions inside the posts. The plugin also supports shortcode and php snippets.

The plugin includes an advert generator to generate your own ads. To add a new advertisement, click on manage adverts and then new advert. This plugin also provides useful statistics related to ad performance like how many impressions the ad received and how many times the ad was clicked.


This was a list of the most popular advertising plugins that Wordpress users can benefit from. You can select any of them based on your needs and the level of performance you desire. Some of them might be more suited if you want a minimal impact on Wordpress speed and caching support. So, check out and decide the one that is best suited for your needs. In many cases, you will not need extensive features if you have a small blog and want to lay very few ads on your posts. However, plugins like Ad Inserter and Advanced Ads are suited for use on both the small and large websites.