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Setup Adsense Auto Ads
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How to set up Adsense Auto Ads on your Website

Adsense is Google’s advertising program that allows publishers to earn revenue from their content by monetizing their website and showing advertisements on posts and pages. It is highly popular among publishers and while there are several alternatives in the market, most of them require you to have an adsense account.

In a previous post, we have discussed how to apply for an adsense account and get your account approved. We are going to discuss a special feature of Adsense in this post which is called auto ads or automatic advertising on your blog or website.

What are auto ads?

In case you have not heard about Adsense auto ads or want to know what they are - these ads are a simple and innovative method to monetize your website and generate revenue. When you use adsense on your website to lay ads, you need to insert ad codes separately in different positions to generate revenue from them. You will need to decide the positions where you want to show ads and then insert the individual ad codes in those positions inside your website html either using a plugin or manually.

However auto ads make it much simpler to place ad codes on your website in all the best positions and optimize them for best performance. You do not need to insert individual ad codes in different positions and instead a single code will automatically scan your website for best positions and insert ads for you.

Advantages of auto ads

Auto ads offer some important benefits:

Auto ads are easy to use. The auto ads are very simple to set up. You need to add just one code to your website head and after that there is no need to make any adjustments. Auto ads will adjust automatically to any changes you make to your website. They will appear automatically on any new posts you add.

Auto ads are mobile friendly. With Auto ads you do not have to create a different set up for mobile screens since Auto ads are mobile friendly and adjust automatically to different screen sizes. Moreover, the auto ads include the mobile ad options like anchor ads, vignettes and responsive ads.

Auto ads can potentially increase revenue. You can increase your revenue by using auto ads on your website since auto ads will analyze your content and layout as well as existing ads to find potential locations where applying ads can increase earnings.

Auto ads let you tailor advertisements to your blog/website by giving you higher control over the settings that allow you to decide the best positions for showing ads.

While you are using auto ads, you can use individual ads in some of the important positions. For example, you want an ad to appear below the header, another under the title and next under the content. You can insert ad codes for responsive ads in these positions using a plugin in Wordpress, or by another mechanism.

However, you can still use auto ads on your website which will check out all the best positions and show advertisements in other positions apart from where you have already inserted ad codes for optimized and superior performance which can potentially increase your revenue.

How do auto ads work?

The auto ads work based on smart technology by Google. First of all, auto ads will analyze your layout to understand the page structure. They will also detect any existing ads on your page. However, they cannot detect the ads from other networks but only adsense ads.

Based on various elements like your page layout, the amount of content on the page as well as existing ads on the page, auto ads will automatically lay ads in different locations. If you make changes to your website layout or content, auto ads will reanalyze the page to make adjustments to ad locations.

How to apply auto ads on your website?

You need to have an adsense account to apply auto ads on your website. Login to your Google adsense account and then in the left sidebar click on ads.

Now, click on the edit sign next to the site on which you want to apply auto ads. A new ad setting preview will open. From here, you can turn on the auto ads from under ad settings.

You can enable different formats after toggling the auto ads on for your website.

Auto ads

Intent driven formats: These formats show ads based on user intent and relevant search results that appear in the form of a link or anchor placed automatically on your page.

Ad intents

Overlay formats: The overlay formats enjoy higher clickthrough rate and if you want to increase your adsense revenue, you must definitely switch on all the overlay formats or at least the vignette and anchor ads on mobile. The overlay ads appear over page content without affecting page layout. You have three options for overlay formats including anchor ads, siderail ads and vignette ads.

Anchor ads appear on the mobile screens at the top, side rail ads on the left and right sides on desktop when page is scrolled, and vignette ads appear between page loads. If you want anchor and vignette ads to not appear on desktops, you can disable them.

In-page ads: These ads include ads placed within the page area based on layout and content. They include banner ads, multiplex ads and related search ads. However, you have the option to exclude specific page areas of specific pages. Banner ads will appear inside the main content of your page. Multiplex ads appear in the form of grids inside the content and the related search ads will appear in the form of navigational units linking to suggested searches with ads. You can also allow Google to optimize the existing ad units that you have yourself applied to the website through individual ad codes. You can also optimize how many ads appear per page by adjusting ad load. However, this technology is still in Beta.

in-page ads

After having made all these changes, just click on apply to site.

Conclusion: Applying auto ads is easy and Adsense offers a lot of control mechanisms to control how these ads appear on your webpages. You will just need to enable individual formats that you want to show on your pages. For the highest potential earnings, you must not forget to enable vignette and anchor ads. There are several potential benefits of Auto ads including mobile optimized ads as well as higher earnings potential.

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