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Move Adsense anchor ads to the bottom of the page on mobile screen

Adsense has added a lot of excellent features including the auto ads that allow you to add diverse types of ads including vignette ads and anchor ads with a single pice of code. Auto ads are a very simple method of displaying Adsense advertisements on your website. They offer several advantages including mobile friendly ad formats and ads tailored to your website based on its layout structure and content,

The two overlay formats provided by Google Auto ads include vignette ads and anchor ads. Both these ad formats are great to increase your earnings from Adsense. These ad formats enjoy higher click through rates and can easily help you grow your earnings when used in combination with normal Adsense ads. You can add adsense codes in a few crucial positions and then let Adense auto ads take care of the rest.

As already explained Adsense offers two overlay formats. The vignette ads appear between page loads and cover the entire page generally. However, the anchor ads provided by Adsense appear generally at the top of the page and stick there on mobile screens. Since mobile traffic is an increasingly significant part of website traffic, optimizing mobile ads is essential to increase earnings from Adsense.

With the auto ads code, you have to waste less time optimizing your website for ads on mobile screen. Especially the anchor ads have a critical role in growing your earnings from mobile traffic. These ads stick to the top of the screen and in some cases, it might be more suitable to place these ads at the bottom of the mobile screen if you have the ad covering important elements in your website’s head.

All you will need to do is to modify the auto ads code provided by Adsense to move the anchor ads from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. However, it is recommended to keep them at the top since these ads perform better when placed at the top of the screen. Still, if you think it hurts user experience or covers important elements on the top then you can move to the bottom. In case you see a significant negative change in revenue due to this, you can always move it back to the top of the screen.

All that you need to do is to add a simple parameter to the ad code which will change the position of the anchor ad from top to the bottom. You should add data-overlays=“bottom” parameter to your existing auto ads code to change the position of anchor ads on mobile screen and move from the top to the bottom.

For example, your ad code will look like this after the modification:

<script async src="" data-overlays="bottom" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Please note that this is an accepted modification and you will not be violating any Google Adsense rules by adopting this acceptable change.