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How to apply for adsense

Adsense is Google’s digital advertising program that heps publishers generate revenue from their content. It is a simple method to earn money from your blog or website by monetizing it with adsense ads. If you have a blog and a nice level of traffic, Adsense can be a good option to generate some revenue from the traffic. Given that you have been creating original and interesting content, generating some revenue from your content would not be difficult.

The application process for Adsense is simple and you can have ads running on your blog within a few days generally since you apply because the approval process is very quick. There are some other advertising options for you as well. However, some of them would require you to have an adsense account first. So, applying for adsense is crucial when you are seeking to monetize your website using advertisements.

How to sign up for Adsense?

The sign up process for the Adsenses program is simple and as a first step you will need to create an adsense account. Following that, you have to activate your adsense account and wait till the review process has been completed. Google will check if your website complies with program policies.

You will need only two things to create an adsense account. You should have a gmail account and you should have original content created from scratch. Yes, Google does not take such websites into its adsense program that have content scraped from the web or taken from other sites. So, if you have your own original content, rest assured that your website complies with the Adsense program policies.

Go to the adsense website and click on get started. Sign in to your Google adsense account and then enter the url of the website that you want to show ads on. If you have not yet started your website you can leave the field empty and fill it later. However, you must know that you need a website and original content to start earning revenue through advertising using Adsense ads.

After having entered your website url, it is time to set up the rest of the things including your payment. When Google Adsense asks you if you want to receive customized support and suggestions, select yes. Now, select the country or territory you belong to or where you are currently living. For verification, Adsense sends you a personal identification number or PIN that you must receive on your current address.

Please note that when you enter the url of your website into your Adsense account, you will need to add the root domain, Please do not add a subdomain or extension to your Adsense account.

Set up adsense payment

You will need to provide your payment information before the activation of your account can be completed. To receive adsense payment after activation, you are required to provide correct payment information and if needed a valid phone number that can be used for verification.

Here is how you can set your payment information in Adsense account:

Go to the payments card and select if you want and individual or business adsense account. Both are paid similarly except that with an individual account, the payment is sent to the individual whereas in the other case payment is made in the name of the business.

If you want an individual account, you should enter your name exactly as it appears in your bank account, Check your credit or debit card and enter exactly as it is given there or in your bank account statement.

For business accounts, you must enter the name of the business in the business name field and then the contact’s name in the name field.

Enter your full address, which Google will verify against the addresses in its database and if for some reason whether it is a new address or you have entered the wrong address, your address is not found, you can edit the address to correct it. You can also select another verified address or enter the address since it’s new and Google will add the address to its database.

The need for a verifiable physical address arises because you will need to receive your personal identification number at this address.

Suppose you have started using Adsense and your payment has reached the threshold. (You need a minimum of $100 in your Adsense account to receive a payment, ) Google will need to verify it is you before sending your first payment. You can receive the money in your bank account but the PIN will be used to verify that it is being sent to the right person. Make sure you have entered all your payment information correctly including name and account details.

Add a valid phone number along with the rest of the necessary information mentioned above and then click on submit. Once you have submitted all the information, you must complete the phone number verification., Go to the adsense home page and then to the phone number verification card where you must enter your phone number in international format with your country code. You can verify your phone number via sms or phone call. Enter the code you received on your phone. Now, you have submitted all the information required for the verification and activation of your Adsense account for the website url you provided.

However, you still need to connect your adsense account to your website for review and activation.

Connect Website to Adsense

Now comes the last step in the activation process which is to connect your site with Adsenses. However you can also explore around in your adsense account and check out how ads will look on your website. Google also provides an auto ads functionality in Adsense where you do not need to do anything. Just switch auto ads on and Google will place the ads in appropriate places for you.

To connect your website to the Adsense account, check out the Adsense home page. There you will find the “Connect your site to AdSense” card. Click on ‘Let’s go’ and then copy the adsense code. We need to insert this code into the website’s head. If you are comfortable with editing website code, you can insert the code into the headers.php of your theme. Otherwise, you can add the code using the code snippets plugin or another advertising plugin like AdInserter or Advanced Ads. You can also use the Google Site Kit plugin developed by Google to place the code on your website.

If you decide to add the code manually into your website’s html, heer is how you must place it between the and tags:

<script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
This is the head of your page.
<title>Example HTML page</title>

Make sure that you have placed the complete code in the right manner because if you do not palace it the right way before requesting review, you will receive a warning message in your Adsense account.

After you have checked out that the complete code has been placed in the website head, you can click on request review. Now, you must wait for a few days and if your content is fine and there are no other issues found on your website, your website will be approved and you will see ads appearing on your posts and pages a few days later. Sometimes, it may also take a few weeks but it generally does not take as long.

What to do if yoru adsense account was not approved?

There are certain scenarios wheer your adsense account may not get approved. You will have to fix these issues before yoru adsense account is approved and you can start using adsense. You can find out the reason that your adsense accoiunt was not approved by loggin into your adsense account or by checking out the mail from Google in this regard.

If you have an adsense account already, yoru second account will not get apprved unless you close the first account and confirm that it has been closed. Do this and Google will activate yoru second Adsense account.

If there was a probelm with the content then you will need to review the Adsense program policies to make sure that your content is in compliance. Google will not review just one page on yoru website but it may review all the pages. Therefore, complaicne is essential.

There are several reasons that your website and content may not be found to be in compliance inluding insufficient content, low quality content, policy violations, navigation issues and so on. Make sure that you have fixed these issues before asking again for review.

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